What’s In Your Purse


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Whats in your purse game

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What’s In Your Purse Game is a hysterical game to play at a bridal shower. This game gets a lot of laughs for all the random stuff we carry in our purses.

What do you need? You will need this print out for each guest, pens/pencils, and a timer, if wanted.

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Print out a game sheet for each bridal shower guest and hand them out with pencils or pens.

You will want guests to take their time to be able to look in their purses to see what items they have. Once they review what is in their purse they will then want to add all of the points up and wait until everyone is done.

The person with the most points for the random items in their purse-WINS! This is a great game to give away bridal shower prizes.

Get ready to laugh and have fun!


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