Part of the fun in getting married is planning and having a honeymoon! After the hustle and hard work of planning all the details of the i do’s-you and your hunny get to have a vacation.

Where to start in planning? First, make sure wherever you’re booking to you let them know it is your honeymoon. Everywhere from the hotel to the restaurants, wineries, and adventures you have planned. There are extra special things that each of the places can add to make your honeymoon even more memorable.

Whether your honeymoon is local or in Maui-plan every day. You don’t have to plan every minute but make sure to have a day planned.

Do your research. Google. Pinterest. Facebook. All of the places you will find out about will be through the internet. You will be amazed by all the little fun things¬†you can find on Pinterest that you wouldn’t have known about.

Plan meals for each day. Plan where you and your hunny will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the activities in between. When in a new place and location it is hard to find things in the whirlwind of being there. You will want to make the most of your time and having meals planned will be a huge help.

Plan activities for each day. Whether it is a luau, hiking trail, or just a day at the pool, plan it out. This will help eliminate stress of what to do when you are there. Reserve packages before hand and not trying to reserve when you actually arrive. If you aren’t a planner, make sure you have help from your bridal party with someone who can help make this fun and non-stress filled.

Look for packages. Where ever you might be traveling to, look for bundle packages. Once you find a bundle package make sure to read reviews and do your research that it is a good deal. There are so many different packages from SPG, Hilton Rewards, and even all the hotel .com websites have combined packages that include activities and rental car!

Make a packing list way in advance. Down to the toothbrush and tooth paste, keep a running list of things you need to pack. Miscellaneous items will pop up here and there-make sure to capture it on your list. Your list can be on your phone or on a notepad at home. Just make sure to keep a running list well in advance before packing.

Make a wardrobe list. Hats, scarfs, tees, tanks, and jewelry-it might seem silly but make a wardrobe list. Do you have the tees you want to bring for those photo ops with your hunny? If not, place them on your list and note you need to buy. Do you have enough shorts and hats? Making sure you write everything down will help you visually and see that you have enough or too little that you need to pack.

Be realistic. Make sure in all of the planning and setting up for the honeymoon be realistic with timing. It is ok to start planning as early as two months out from the honeymoon. You want the last two weeks leading up to the wedding and honeymoon you want to try and relax and not have to run and deal with the hassle of packing. It is always easier to be packed two weeks in advance and add or remove things as the time gets closer.

Create an email just for honeymoon reservations, plans, and notifications. Through gmail, yahoomail, or any other free account-create an email just for your honeymoon reservations. This will help cut down on the looking through emails and texts. All of your information will be in one place. It also helps, if you are keeping some activities a surprise for your other half!

Check out Tripadvisor and blogs to help with ratings of where you will be heading. Don’t try to do planning alone, take it from people who have been there and have left reviews and photos to see if it is something you want to invest in!

This is just part 1 of Honeymoon Planning…more to come!