The time has come to start making preparations for planning and hosting the Bachelorette Party. Here are a couple of helpful Do’s and Don’ts-whether you are a seasoned planner of Bachelorette Parties or if this is your first one.

First things first, the Bachelorette Party is different from the bridal shower. The Bachelorette Party is traditionally planned and hosted by the Maid of Honor (MOH) and/or bridesmaids. It is not unheard of if a relative, friend, or even close co-worker plans the Bachelorette Party if the wedding party doesn’t. The Bachelorette Party usually is planned for a luncheon, night out, and/or a destination celebration. It is not required to bring a gift for the bride, but gag gifts are always fun to give. 

  • DO make sure when making dinner, lunch, breakfast reservations that you let the restaurant know what you are celebrating-you never know what they might toss in to help make it extra special. When speaking with the host/hostess ask if you are able to bring gifts and decorations if you are planning on adding something special.
  • DO decide on a date and place before planning and Pintersting.
  • DO discuss any concerns/questions with the MOH/Bridesmaids-make sure to be open.
  • DO know what the Bride is wanting and has pictured (maybe she has some ideas saved on her Pinterest).
  • DO plan the party earlier enough so if plan tickets need to be purchased or travel is needed it gives everyone ample time to prepare and save.
  • DO have a theme and embrace it with lots of decorations, props, and tshirts. Once you have a theme, get creative and come up with a hashtag for everyone to tag. When you know the hashtag you want to use, print it in on the invitations, tshirts, bags, etc. This is a great opportunity to go back on social media sites and gather the pictures and print later for the Bride!
  • DO be reasonable with your budget.
  • DO it yourself. Make sure to check out what Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann stores have to offer for the goodies bags, invites, and props.
  • DO grab some fun tees/tanks for photo ops for the group.
  • DO make fun grab bags with goodies for the guests.
  • DO send out invites about 2-3 weeks in advance for ample planning time. 4-6 weeks if it is destination party.
  • DO have fun!


  • DON’T ignore the Bride’s requests-if the Bride is wanting a “low-key” event, make sure it doesn’t involve dancing on tables at a night club. Respect the Bride’s requests even if you were wanting to plan something different.
  • DON’ T feel obligated to invite everyone on the wedding guest list. This can be more of an intimate event, giving you the chance to spend quality time with the Bride.
  • DON’T go over your set budget.
  • DON’T over post pictures until you have made sure the party’s attendees are ok with being in photos and tagged. This will help prevent any drama of posting and who might not want photos tagged and posted of them-especially if things become rowdy. 
  • DON’T over plan and micro manage details-this is an event to have fun and surprises throughout the party will come up and can’t always be planned for.

 Do have a blast! Planning is half of the fun! Don’t over stretch yourself when planning. Use all of your tools, use social media, Pinterest, and other bridesmaids to help plan the perfect Bachelorette Party! Cheers!