Every bride and groom wants a picture perfect wedding. How can you create and ensure a picture perfect wedding?

A couple of tips and tricks to help your wedding get that picture perfect outcome.

  • Research and meet your photographer candidates. I highly recommend meeting with the candidates you choose to be photographers at your wedding. Personality is a big part of making sure you feel comfortable.
  • Make signs that have a hashtag that people can put with their photos when they upload to the various social media sites. You will be able to go back and grab some great candid photos that guests were able to get.
  • Get a photo booth. Photo booths are becoming more and more popular and with the growing trend that means competitive¬†pricing. Inquire to see if the photo booth package comes with copies of all photos that are taken in the booth for your keepsake.
  • Save photos that you like. If you come across photos that you like make sure to save and show your photographer so they have an idea of what you like. This also goes for photos you don’t like. If you find a photo you do not like, make sure to share with your photographer and explain what you don’t like. This will help keep you both on the same page.
  • Practice your poses and smiles. Take time to smile and be aware of how your smile and posture looks in the mirror to help prepare for the big day.
  • Give a list, if this is needed, of people who do not want their photo taken together. With divorced parents and families, some people will not get in a photo together. If this is the case in your family, make sure to give a list of names of people not to pair in photos to your photographer.

Does anyone else have any tips and tricks to help create those picture perfect moments?